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Smart Grid Solution

Power-line communication is the foundation of the smart grid. As the leader in optical communication industry, Hunan GL is committed to advancing the development of electric power systems communications. FIBERFUTURE leverages its OPGW and ADSS optical cables, proven R&D strength and diversifived optical fibre products to extend new types of optical fibre applications in electric power system. Hunan GL aims to play a significant role in reliable power-line communication network, long-haul transmission for power grid communication, power distribution automation, electric power information collection and energy resource access and cater to the needs of electric power transmission and distribution networks.



FIBERFUTURE Technology offers a premium & Total Solution which can be installed in a wide variety of transmission lines, we provide 18+ years of experience and excellent solutions for your hardware needs in both ADSS (AlI-Dielectric Self Supporting) and OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) cables. Please follow the links below for assistance in choosing your hardware. Please follow the links below for assistance in choosing your hardware:



● FDH (Fiber Distribution Hub);
● Terminal Box;
● Joint Box;
● P.G. Clamp;
● Earth wire with Cable Lug;
● Tension. Assembly;
● Suspension Assembly;
● Vibrtion Damper;
● Optical Ground Wire (OPGW);
● AlI-Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS);
● Down Lead Clamp;
● Cable Tray;
● Danger Board;
● Number Plates;






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