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Raw Material

The optical fiber cable design covers the design requirements and performance standard for the supply of optical fibre cable in the industry. FIBERFUTURE ensures a stable quality control system for our cable products through several programs including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO45001, TL9000 and CE.
Design standard:


ITU-T G.652.D Characteristics of a single-mode optical fiber
IEC 60794- 1- 1 Optical fibre cables-part 2: Generic specification-General
IEC 60794- 1-21 Optical  fiber  cables-  part1-21-Generic  specification-Basic  optical  cable  test procedure-Mechanical test methods
IEC 60794- 1-22 Optical  fiber  cables-  part1-22-Generic  specification-Basic  optical  cable  test procedure-Environmental test methods
IEC 60794-420 Optical fibre cables-part 3- 10: Outdoor cables - Family specification for self-supporting aerial telecommunication cables
IEC 60794-4 Optical fibre cables-Part 4: Sectional specification-Aerial optical cables along electrical power line



Our fiber optic cable has a construction of optic fiber, loose tube or tight buffer or semi-tight buffer, strength members (FRP, Steel wire, Aramid yarns, Glass yarns, etc.), water blocking material (tube jelly, cable jelly, water blocking yarns, water blocking tape, etc.), armor (steel tape, aluminum tape, steel wire armor, FRP armor, etc.), cable sheath (PE, AT, LSZH, FRPE, PVC, Nylon, etc.). Meet with all kinds of operating environment.



Main optical fiber cable material 
Loose tube  1 OPTICAL FIBER.G.652D G657A1.G654.G655  2 Ink for optic fiber colored
 3 PBT or PC  4 Jelly
 5 Water blocking yarn for dry tube  6 Color masterbatch for tube stripe
 7 Color masterbatch for tube color line    
SZ cable core  1 Galvanized steel wire, phosphide wire    2 FRP, KFRP
 3 Water blocking tape  4 Cable jelly
 5 PP, PE for filler  6 Polyester tape
 7 PET yarn  8 water blocking yarn
 9  ID tape    
Jacket 1  LLDPE, MDPE,HDPE, NYLON.  Anti-rodent HDPE, AT-HDPE  2 FRP falt 
 3  Aramid yarn  4 Corrugated steel tap
 5 Aluminum tape  6 Nylon Rip cord, Aramind yarn rip cord
 7 Glass yarn  8 Color masterbatch for Jack stripe line
 9 Ink for marking print    
 Package  1 Fumigate wood drum, Iron wood drum. Plywood wood drum  2 Iron nail
 3 Steel plastic tape, stainless steel tape  4 Printing Word Plate


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