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Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Cable

FIBERFUTURE is an Original OFC Manufacturer (OEM) solution provider in China with 19 years of experience. We provides one-stop R&D-production-sales logistics services to more than 169+ countries around the world. We specialize in manufacturing custom OEM fiber optic cables for aerial, duct, underground application. We melt into the products produced by OEM on the basis of our own proprietary technology, so as to provide custom fiber optic & cable solution which are suitable to meet our customers needs, We can customize the number of cores of fiber optical cables according to customer needs. The number of cores of FIBERKING optical fiber cable is 2,4,6,24, 48, up to 576 cores.

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Your One-stop Fiber Optic Solution Provider

Over the past 19 years, our cables have established an extensive sales network around the world. GL cable company opened up markets including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, the United States, and Europe. currently has about 585 employees, including 28 engineers, 35 sales, 30 quality control personnel, 80 R&D department personnel, and hundreds of experienced workers. We will not only provide you with high-quality products but also have a mature R&D system and after-sales system.

Your One-stop Fiber Optic Solution Provider

Cable Manufacturer & Solutions

  • For Operator
    For Operator

    We ensure to offer our Operator customers high quality products on time and good after-sales services to match their projects requirements. We can do following as: 1. ODM or OEM (Put customers’ information on products by tooling or stickers) to match customer’s customized requirements and help.

  • For Contractor
    For Contractor

    We ensure to offer our Contractor customers one-stop service to match their projects requirements. We can do following: 1. Provide the complete products for different FTTH ODN total solution. 2. We provide ODM or OEM service.

  • For Engineering Company
    For Engineering Company

    We ensure to help our Engineering customers complete project on time. We can do following: 1.Provide the complete products for different FTTH ODN total solution. 2. We provide ODM or OEM service. 3. We can offer the technical support for the engineering project. 4. We can offer the engineering instruction at site.

  • For National Grid
    For National Grid

    We supplied to National Grid,cooperated with domestic design institutes,not only supplied to China National Grid, but also more than 10 foreign National Grid.

  • For ISP
    For ISP

    Hunan GL supply one-stop cable & accessories product for the ISP customers.

  • For Reseller
    For Reseller

    We ensure to help our reselling customers expand business. We can do following: 1.We provide high quality promotion solution of newest products to help them get more businesses. 2.Design unique products for them to avoid Competition. 3.We provide high quality product with reasonable price.

Quality Control


    At GL, Every products have to pass multiple testing instruments before they leave the factory, and they must be accurately tested to ensure that the quality of each product is fully up to standard. We are proud to share that our company and manufacture facilities are recognized by different organizations.



    Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Quality Control Department carry out stringent control at all stages of the manufacturing process


    • — Incoming materials
    • — Semi-finished product
    • — Finished product


    Our Test Center is equipped according to the latest industry standards to conduct type approval and periodic mechanical and environmental resistance tests per IEC 60794-1-2 or relevant standard. All measurements are recorded and analyzed for further quality improvement


    • Tensile loading test
    • Impact resistance test
    • Crush or Compressive loading test
    • Bending test
    • Cycling Flexing/ Repeat bending test
    • Torsion or Twist test
    • Flexing test
    • Temperature cycling test
    • Water penetration test
    • Fire propagation on a vertical single cable

Fiber Optic Cable

Advantages of HUNAN GL Fiber Optic Cables

  • More than 19 years of practical experience in manufacturering fiber optic cables.

  • Participated in large-scale fiber optic cable projects in more than 170 countries.

  • As a mature OFC company, HUAN GL has more than 200+ products to improve product industry competitiveness and product requirements that can meet high-end engineering projects.

  • Have a professional pre-sales and after-sales team.

  • Provide scientific fiber optic solutions.


If you have no idea of the foregoing factors, please feel free to send a message to Hunan GL, our sales personnel will help you to find the best affordable fiber optic cables. 

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