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What Issues Should Be Paid Attention To When Transporting And Installing Optical Fk ercables?

Optical cables are mainly composed of optical fibers (glass filaments), plastic protective sleeves and plastic outer sheaths. There are no gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals inside the optical cable, so its recycling value is generally not high, that is, damage means waste. The following are specific considerations for transporting and installing fiber optic cables.


What Issues Should Be Paid Attention To When Transporting And Installing Optical Fk ercables?


  1. During the construction process, it should be noted that the bending radius of the optical cable must not be less than the construction regulations, and excessive bending of the optical cable is not allowed.

2. When laying aerial optical cables, they should be pulled by pulleys. The aerial optical cables should avoid friction with buildings, trees and other facilities. Avoid mopping the floor or rubbing with other sharp and hard objects to damage the outer sheath of the optical cable. If necessary, protective measures should be installed. It is strictly prohibited to forcibly pull the optical cable after jumping out of the pulley to prevent the optical cable from being crushed and damaged.


3. When designing optical cable lines, try to avoid easy-to-fire buildings. If it cannot be avoided, fire protection measures should be taken for the optical cable.


4. When laying out optical cables with relatively long sections, if they need to be reversed, the optical cables must be laid out in the "8" pattern. Keep its optical cable in a completely twisted state.


5. The selection of optical cable connector box must meet the requirements of YD/T814-1996 standard, ensuring that the curvature radius of the optical fiber in the connector box is not less than 37.5MM, and the remaining length of the optical fiber in the connector box is not less than 1.6M. The reinforcement is firmly fixed on the joint box, and there will be no twisting between the optical cable and the joint box. The joint box has excellent sealing performance and can prevent the entry of water vapor.


6. The optical cable drum equipped with optical cables should be rolled in the direction marked on the side panel of the drum. The rolling distance should not be too long, generally not more than 20 meters. When rolling, care should be taken to prevent obstacles from damaging the packaging board.


7. When loading and unloading optical cables, lifting equipment such as forklifts or special steps should be used. It is strictly forbidden to roll or throw the optical cable reel directly from the vehicle.


8. It is strictly forbidden to lay optical cable drums with optical cables flat or stacked. Optical cable drums in the carriage must be fortified with wooden blocks.


In addition to the above eight points, we also need to pay attention to the fact that ordinary optical cables should not be reversed repeatedly, which will lead to the deterioration of the internal structure of the optical cable. In addition, before laying the optical cable, the appearance inspection, specification model, quantity, test length and attenuation should be checked. Carry out disk inspection and acceptance, and keep records for future check.

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