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Fiberfuture 2024 Dragon Boat Festival

As the breeze of early summer gently blows, it is the annual traditional festival - Dragon Boat Festival. On June 10, 2024, Fiberfuture held a unique celebration, which not only inherited the cultural charm of thousands of years, but also enhanced the cohesion and sense of belonging of the team.

The first was the "Zongzi fragrance is everywhere" Zongzi wrapping competition. Representatives from various departments were sent, and every link from material selection to wrapping tested the team's collaboration and creativity. Glutinous rice, red beans, salted egg yolks, pork belly... Various fillings flew in the hands of skillful hands, and soon, zongzi of various shapes filled the table. This link not only allowed everyone to experience the fun of hands-on, but also deeply realized the cultural significance behind the Dragon Boat Festival food.

Then everyone watched the live broadcast of dragon boat rowing together. With an order, on the river, dragon boats broke through the waves, and the sound of oars, water, and cheering were intertwined, and the atmosphere on the scene reached a climax. This activity not only inspired everyone's teamwork spirit, but also gave traditional culture a new vitality in modern life.

At noon, the company prepared a sumptuous Dragon Boat Festival banquet for everyone. In addition to various delicious rice dumplings, there were also seasonal dishes on the table. Everyone sat together, shared food, exchanged experiences, and had a great time. During the period, the company leaders delivered a passionate speech, expressing their gratitude for the hard work of the employees, and looking forward to the company's future development vision, encouraging all employees to work together to create brilliance.

After the meal, the 2024 FiberFuture Dragon Boat Festival celebration slowly came to an end. This day is not only a fond look back at traditional culture, but also a vivid display of corporate culture and team spirit. In this festival full of warmth and strength, every participant deeply felt the warmth of home and the strength of the team. I believe that this strength will accompany them to continue to ride the wind and waves in work and life and move forward courageously.


Fiberfuture 2024 Dragon Boat Festival

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