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  • Two-Day Team Building Activity
    Nov 10,2023
    FIBERFUTURE organized a two-day team building activity for its employees in November. The company aimed to enhance the communication and cooperation among its staff and create a positive and harmonious working atmosphere.
  • Application Range Of ADSS Fiber Cable In The Communication Industry
    Jul 14,2023
    ADSS  (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) cable is an optical cable made of non-metallic materials. Its high strength, light weight, and high tensile strength make it have a wide range of application prospects and practical value in the communication industry. . The following will introduce the application cases of ADSS optical cable in the communication industry.
  • How to choose the right ADSS cable for your project?
    Jul 13,2023
    How to choose the right ADSS optical cable? Many customers and friends want to know, generally speaking, ADSS optical cables use a variety of power lines, it is necessary to choose the appropriate ADSS optical cable according to the voltage level, and 220kV and above high-voltage transmission lines are used as communication links to ensure communication lines and The service life of the transmissi
  • Why is ADSS optical cable widely used in optical communication?
    Jun 30,2023
     All-Dielectric Self-Supporting(ADSS)Optical Fiber Cable is a kind of optical fiber cable without metal material support and self-supporting function, which is widely used in the field of optical communication.
  • How to evaluate the OPGW optical cable price?
    Jun 30,2023
    When choosing OPGW optical cable, price is an important factor for customers to consider. However, the price is not only related to the quality and performance of the optical cable itself, but also affected by various factors such as market factors and supply and demand. Therefore, when customers evaluate the rationality of the price of OPGW optical cable, they need to consider various factors, ma
  • How to choose a 24 core OPGW cable for your project?
    Jun 30,2023
    With the continuous development of the power industry and the continuous advancement of technology, the 24 core OPGW optical cable has become an important part of a reliable power transmission network. However, it is becoming more and more complicated and difficult to choose a 24 core OPGW cable that suits your needs. This article will introduce how to choose a 24 core OPGW cable that suits your n
  • ADSS Optical Cable Guide
    Jun 29,2023
    Hunan GL ADSS Optical Cable Manufacturer Guide: High temperature anti-aging, adapt to harsh weather conditions
  • How to Choose Fiber Optic Cable?
    Jun 27,2023
    There are different types of fiber optical cable available in the market. They are different in sizes, shapes, colors, structure, and materials. So, how to choose the right fiber optic cable? This article will provide some tips for choosing the right fiber optic cable.
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