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  • Application of ADSS optical cable in communication industry
    Mar 22,2024
    ADSS optical cable (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Cable) is an optical cable made of non-metallic materials. Its high strength, lightweight, and high tensile strength make it have broad application prospects and practical value in the communications industry. . The application cases of ADSS optical cables in the communications industry will be introduced below.
  • The Difference Between ADSS Optical Cable PE Sheath and AT Sheath
    Mar 21,2024
    All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) Optical Fiber Cables provide fast and economical transmission channels for power communication systems due to their unique structure, good insulation, high temperature resistance, and high tensile strength. Generally speaking, ADSS optical cables are cheaper than optical fiber composite ground wire OPGW cables in many applications, and are easier to install.
  • ADSS Cable Installation Process Guide
    Mar 20,2024
    ADSS optical cable construction process guide
  • ADSS Cable Support Hardware
    Mar 18,2024
    There are a variety of optical cable accessories. The following are the commonly used adss optical cable accessories introduced by Fiberfuture.
  • Research On The Anti-wind Vibration Performance Of ADSS Fiber Cable In Strong Storm Environment
    Mar 15,2024
    ADSS optical fiber cable is an optical cable widely used in power transmission and communication systems. It has excellent mechanical properties and durability. However, in harsh environments such as strong storms, the wind vibration resistance of optical cables will be seriously affected, which may cause cable breakage or other damage, thus affecting the normal operation of power transmission and
  • Installation and Maintenance of ADSS Self-supporting Cables
    Mar 12,2024
    ADSS self-supporting optical cables need to pay attention to the surrounding environment, installation methods, installation quality control and other issues during the installation and maintenance process to ensure the safety and stability of the optical cables and ensure the normal operation of the optical communication system.
  • Directly buried optical cable laying process
    Nov 28,2023
    Direct buried optical cable is a communication optical cable laying method. This kind of optical cable is armored with steel strips or steel wires on the outside and is directly buried underground. It is required to resist external mechanical damage and prevent soil corrosion. Fiberfuture as a professional fiber optic cable manfuacturer in China, we can supply 1-288 Core Underground Fiber cable fo
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